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  • A Collection of Real Fem Dom Videos - These video downloads were actually home movies when filmed, and the stories were invented later. Much more realistic than commercial stuff. pop (Added: 21-Sep-1998 Hits: 41936)
  • A sub is Teased, Tormented and used as a Toilet. - Video with face-sitting, teasing, humiliation, corporal punishment. Caught sniffing her knickers and playing with himself the slave is punished and then urinated on, again and again. pop (Added: 8-Mar-2009 Hits: 33335)
  • An Independent Review of Stiletto - Rated as 9 out of 10, James says the second half is truly fantastic, so realistic and the final scene is wonderful. Believable action in domestic setting and he loves the glorious Ms Christine's cut glass English accent. pop (Added: 24-Jul-2010 Hits: 23826)
  • Anal worship, chastity, domestic service - Maid is ridiculously dressed as she laces his cock into a spiked penis corset to get rid of an erection. Mistress uses the toilet and orders him to lick her clean. She tells him she is going out on a date with a real man. pop (Added: 13-Sep-2008 Hits: 23139)
  • Lady of the Manor Brings Him to Heel - You will be treated in every way like a dog. You will be trained to behave like a dog. You'll be fed from a dog bowl. And I might even take you for walks. pop (Added: 17-Aug-2008 Hits: 25938)
  • Ms. Christine really punishes David - David secretly masturbated. While Christine had him tied down after filming the last scene of Stiletto, she was in a playful mood and decided to question David. She found that he had, as she suspected, misbehaved. pop (Added: 19-Aug-1999 Hits: 34358)
  • Stiletto download for Android. Kindle. Apple. Windows. - I don't like nasty little creeps looking up my skirt. Erections are punishable as well. Video with Spanking, queening, CP, oral, humiliation. Content very 'sexy' with bedroom scene a real event edited into a story line developed later. pop (Added: 28-Feb-2008 Hits: 23955)
  • All Femdom - Pics and videos about all kind of female domination. Membership Site. (Added: 15-Nov-2006 Hits: 6471)
  • Amateure Xtreme - Hot next door girls naked in rope bondage. Membership site. (Added: 25-Dec-2011 Hits: 2157)
  • aztecphotos - soft adult videos and stills photography (Added: 20-Aug-2007 Hits: 3448)
  • BDSM Movie Review - A site that reviews mainstream movies with BDSM, damsel in distress and fetish movie scene. (Added: 11-Aug-2008 Hits: 5692)
  • BDSM Zone - BDSM video clips and photo's via message board. (Added: 24-Jun-2009 Hits: 4413)
  • Bdsm-Jav-Movies - Download BDSM Videos Daily Update. (Added: 11-Oct-2011 Hits: 2472)
  • - BDSM Japan is Large Asian Professional BDSM Porn. Japanese Hardcore Bondage Sex, Slave Strap-on Femdom, Bound and Gagged, Girls in Control, Kinky Fetish Sex Video. Membership Site. (Added: 7-Sep-2011 Hits: 2466)
  • - BDSM PLAYPEN is a tube site with BDSM and Bondage videos. All video is in HD format. (Added: 30-Oct-2008 Hits: 5101)
  • Bizarre Video - Bizarre Video has been producing leading edge fetish entertainment for over 30 years. contains a vast assortment of both older titles and newer recently produced Features in brilliant High Definition. Membership Site. (Added: 2-Jul-2009 Hits: 2115)
  • Bleu Productions - Hot and classy fetish and erotic fils by the prize winning filmmaker, Maria Beatty. (Added: 16-Mar-1999 Hits: 11553)
  • Bondage by Cordelero - Beautiful girls tightly tied and gagged. Photo and video galleries, membership site. (Added: 23-Feb-2007 Hits: 3395)
  • BONDAGE DISTRESS - Bondage By Consenting Adults. Membership Site. (Added: 11-Jan-2008 Hits: 2386)
  • Bondage tube - A growing BDSM porn tube filled with streaming & downloadable videos featuring bondage sex, femdom, amateur bdsm and fetish. (Added: 31-Aug-2009 Hits: 4918)

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